2022 Licensing Trust Election Guide

We’ve got seven candidates standing under the Trusts Action Group banner but in most parts of West Auckland you’ll have more votes available than we’ve got candidates. So what should you do?

Firstly and most importantly, vote for the Trusts Action Group candidates! It’s a postal ballot so your voting papers should arrive in your mailbox soon after they’re posted on Friday 16th September. Complete your ballot paper and return it by posting it or dropping it off to a collection point (here’s a handy map of where to find one). If your papers don’t arrive by mail, you can still cast a special vote.

If you’ve got more votes available than there are Trusts Action Group candidates, you’ve got a couple of options:

  1. Don’t use them. Just tick the box for the Trusts Action Group candidate(s) and leave the others blank. This maximises the chance that the Trusts Action Group candidate(s) will be elected.
  2. Use your remaining votes to support the best candidates amongst the rest. Some candidates are better than others and there are some that are truly awful. Using your spare votes for the best of the rest could help elect a better board.

We sent out a candidate survey to all the other candidates asking them about their views on what we thought were the key issues for our supporters. Only five responded but you might find their responses helpful (and kudos to them for responding).

Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 1 (Auckland City)
Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 2 (New Lynn)
Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 3 (Glen Eden)
Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 4 (Titirangi/Green Bay)
Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 5 (Kelston West)
Waitākere Licensing Trust – Ward 1 (Te Atatū)
Waitākere Licensing Trust – Ward 2 (Lincoln)
Waitākere Licensing Trust – Ward 3 (Waitākere)
  • You don’t get to vote
  • Mark Allen was elected unopposed
Waitākere Licensing Trust – Ward 4 (Henderson)
  • You get one (1) vote
  • There are no Trusts Action Group candidates
  • View all the candidate profiles here
  • None of the other candidates completed our survey