Amanda Roberts

Amanda Roberts

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 1 (Te Atatu)


Brief info

My family and I reside in Te Atatu Peninsula. We love living here and have built some wonderful connections in our community.

I’m a self-employed marketing professional and am passionate about supporting small business owners and using my skills to help them to grow. I empathise with how tough things have been in the last few years, particularly for the hospitality sector. And if you are in hospitality out West, there’s no question, the current rules around alcohol in non-trust establishments does make things harder.

Positive change has been made by having Trust Action Group members elected to both the Portage and Waitakere Licensing Trusts, particularly in terms of greater transparency, communication and higher levels of local funding support. Please continue to support fairer representation and balanced community viewpoints within our licensing trusts boards, this will in turn achieve greater outcomes for all of us.