Joe Bergin

Joe Bergin

Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 3 (Glen Eden)


Brief info

I believe West Aucklanders deserve better from our licensing trusts.

Glen Eden, and our wider community, would really benefit from better and more modern hospitality offerings and competition to help create a more vibrant village.

As a senior solicitor at one of the country's leading law firms specializing in environment and local government law, an experienced board member and volunteer in the youth and mental health sector, I believe I have the right skills to modernise the Trust responsibly.

As part of the Trusts Action Group, I advocate for change. We have progressed some positive changes, but there is still heaps more to do. A vote for us is a vote for more local options for dining, drinking and entertainment. Fairer prices. More funding for the community. Fewer pokies. No more asset hoarding and land banking. Increased transparency and accountability.

Vote for Choice. Transparency. Generosity.