Jared Patterson

Jared Patterson

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 2 (Lincoln)

E-mail: patterson.jared@gmail.com

Brief info

Originally an Aucklander who has spent a third of my life travelling the world, I'm now 8 years a proud westie based in Waitakere township. A successful IT professional, a leader, a local, and someone who resonates with those that enjoy a thriving community, good local nightlife, dining and entertainment. I have experienced and lived in communities like these all over the world, and am focussed on ensuring West Auckland has the same potential to offer.

Since moving into West Auckland, I struggle with the idea that I have to travel outside the area for any of these experiences. I'm someone who strongly believes that competition, greater transparency, ensuring the Trust's success is independent of a monopoly, and increasing community funding from profits is something we can all achieve, resulting in a better & more profitable West Auckland for everyone.

Change is needed and I believe I have the skills to improve the Trust.