(West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group)

The West Auckland Licensing Trusts Action Group formed in April 2018 when a group of West Auckland residents got together after discussing the issue of licensing trusts on social media

Our purpose and charter

WALTAG’s purpose is to advocate for competition in the West Auckland alcohol market.

WALTAG is independent

We are totally independent. We do not represent commercial or party-political interests.
We are funded by donations, given with no-strings attached.

WALTAG is a not-for-profit, community group

We are community minded.
Our members volunteer their time and expertise, and derive no personal gain from the group.

WALTAG acts with integrity

We advocate for competition respecting that opinions will differ (and that’s OK).
We don’t pull our punches, but we always engage respectfully without resorting to personal attacks.
Our advocacy is truthful, and if we get something wrong, we’ll own it and fix it.

WALTAG is relaxed and fun (but determined)

We keep things informal and social (and we like to meet at the pub).
We are tolerant and inclusive, and value diversity.
We make decisions by consensus.
And we are determined to let West Auckland choose.