How Does The Petition Work?

  1. A valid petition requesting a referendum on competition can’t be ignored.
  2. For a petition to be valid, at least 15% of residential electors (people who live in West Auckland and are enrolled to vote) need to have signed the petition requesting a referendum. That means we need approximately 28,000 valid signatures.
  3. When we are confident we have enough signatures, we send them to the licensing trust and the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA) who appoint an independent scrutineer. The scrutineer checks if the petition has enough valid signatures and if it does, then a referendum will be held shortly afterwards (previous referendums have been held about 3 months after the petition is submitted).
  4. If a majority of votes are cast for competition in the referendum, the monopoly is immediately removed and everyone would be eligible to apply for all types of alcohol license. If the majority of votes are cast for monopoly then no change is effected and there is a 3 year stand-down before another referendum can be held.

We need you to sign the petition, then vote for change. Together, we can do it!