Why the Petition is important

15 years since West Auckland last voted

To make positive change happen.

Auckland is rapidly growing and changing and so too is the West. As we grow, we want our town centres to be vibrant and successful. Hospitality is becoming more critical to the health of our town centres as online shopping reduces the demand for shops. This petition is the first step in breaking the shackles of The Trusts and giving our town centres a chance to prosper.

So we can have an informed debate.

There’s a lot of misconception and misinformation out there right now. A referendum will create a flurry of media attention. Journalists and campaigners will shine a light on The Trusts and for the first time since 2003, they will have some meaningful public scrutiny. Let’s find out if they come out smelling like roses or not.

To send them a message.

Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, the petition is a chance to send a clear message to The Trusts. It’s time to stop strangling our town centres and driving jobs away from West Auckland. It’s time to stop hiding behind the joint venture structure. It’s time to stop misleading the public with half-truths and scaremongering. It’s time to stop hoarding millions in cash when West Aucklanders could use their help.

To show our strength.

Simon Wickham claims that the majority of West Aucklanders are satisfied with what we’ve got and that those who aren’t are a “very small vocal group of people”. We need about 28,000 signatures to force a referendum but let’s smash that. Let’s call their bluff and show them what West Aucklanders really think.

To give us a voice.

Elections for Licensing Trusts are a bit of a mystery to most of us. At the last election, all the candidates were saying much the same thing, so 73% of us didn’t bother to vote. This petition is a chance to challenge the status quo, and stick it to the tired politicians who have deprived us of decent bars for too long.