Our Vision

What could West Auckland look like

The year is 2023. West Aucklanders voted to end The Trusts’ monopoly in 2020.

West Auckland has grown in population (more than 10% since 2018) (note 1) with townhouses and apartments sprouting up around town centres like Avondale, New Lynn, Henderson and Te Atatu Peninsula (note 2).

Public transport improvements such as City Rail Link have slashed travel times to the city, increasing proximity to jobs (note 3). The first residents have also moved into their homes in the new community at Waterview (the first of approximately 10,000 residents) (note 4).

Population growth has attracted significant investment to town centres in the West, especially in hospitality. Our town centres are more vibrant now, with a much greater range of dining and drinking options. Whilst there are more bars and bottle stores, they are not on every corner. The legislation (note 5) and local alcohol policy (note 6) have been effective in meeting the community’s expectations of control.

The Trusts have transformed their business and continue to prosper in a competitive environment. They no longer host gaming machines. They have sold some of their venues and no longer hold any under-developed land. On some of their former sites are now modern homes and shops, satisfying the needs of the growing population.

The proceeds of their asset sales have enabled The Trusts to build a diverse portfolio of investments. Local investments have helped to create local jobs. The Trusts now operate with lower overheads and ALL of their profits are distributed to the community. They now give back over $5M each year – a 500% increase over the last five years of the monopoly (note 7).  They also dedicate a proportion of their grants to reducing alcohol-related harm.


  1. Population growth based on high estimates from Stats NZ: https://www.stats.govt.nz/information-releases/subnational-population-projections-2013base2043-update
  2. Areas in Auckland’s Unitary Plan with considerable areas designated for more intensive development (Metropolitan Centre and Townhouse and Apartment Building Zones)
  3.  Travel times from Avondale to City slashed from 40-50 mins to 20-30 mins https://www.cityraillink.co.nz/crl-travel-times/  
  4.  3000 to 4000 homes planned to be constructed  Beehive press release
  5.  Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
  6.  Auckland’s Provisional Local Alcohol Policy
  7.  2018/19 = $2.5M, 2017/18 = $1.1M, 2016/17 $1.2M, 2015/16 $0.75M, 2014/15 $0.64M, 2013/14 $0.21M. Average $1.0M