Noel Watson

Noel Watson

Portage Licensing Trust – Ward 3 (Glen Eden)


Brief info

As the great grandson of Abraham Routley, my connection to Glen Eden is steeped in local pioneering history. Living in Glen Eden for twenty years, I brought up my family here.

Passion for Glen Eden drives me to volunteer locally in stream restoration, while doing this I mix with local groups.

I’m a business owner of twenty five years, work as a professional skipper and coastguard tutor.

One key reason for standing for the Portage Licensing Trust is, West Liquor Glen Eden, is one of the busiest bottle stores in New Zealand. Yet they have left us bereft of any hospitality options in our neighbourhood.

I’d encourage more funding to local groups and new, exciting choices in venues.

As a member of the Trusts Action Group, we stand for greater choice, transparency and democracy - which is why we support a referendum on whether the Trusts should hold a monopoly on alcohol sales.