Andrew Flanagan

Andrew Flanagan

Waitakere Licensing Trust – Ward 2 (Lincoln)


Brief info

I moved to Waitakere almost ten years ago and was disappointed by the lack of family friendly bars and eateries. I have two young children and would love to see more places where West Aucklanders can bring their families to socialise and enjoy great food and vibes.

I support the giving back of 80% of the Trusts profit as opposed to the current 14%. I also wish to see more public accountability and transparency from our Trusts.

Whilst I do NOT wish for the Trusts to be removed I support the removal of their monopoly. It is my view that once the monopoly is removed, the Trusts will be forced to listen to its customers’ feedback and with the sharpening effect of competition I see this as the vital shot of rejuvenation that is desperately needed within the Trusts.

I believe the Trusts have lost focus of their primary objective of giving back as evidenced by the past 14% of profits. I disagree with them squirrelling millions of dollars away for some future arbitrary date and want these funds released back to the community. I want our children and their schools to benefit today, not when they are 35.

It is my view that the Trusts have not been progressive or innovative and calling on my family’s extensive hospitality background, I feel I am in a good place to effect change if elected.

As turnout for these elections are historically low, EVERY vote carries enormous weight. Therefore if you wish to see change you need to vote!

I am no politician; nor have any political ambitions. I would also like it noted that the position I am applying for is unpaid (except for expenses of $280 to attend monthly meetings), I am therefore not doing this for any other reason than a desire to see West Auckland flourish.

As a member of the Trusts Action Group, advocating for greater choice, transparency and democracy, I support a referendum on The Trusts’ monopoly. Our community deserves a choice.