Our Policies

Choice. Transparency. Democracy.


We want West Auckland’s communities to be vibrant places with ample options for eating, drinking and shopping.

We support the democratic right of West Aucklanders to choose between competition and monopoly and will call for a referendum.

We would commission an independent, unbiased assessment of the pros and cons of competition and make that report publicly available to help voters make an informed choice.

We believe The Trusts should remain strictly neutral on the issue with any advertising in the lead-up to a referendum targeted to maximise voter turnout and provide unbiased information only.


We think The Trusts should be a confident and proud organisation with nothing to hide. We want to see The Trusts meeting all their legislated obligations including routinely disclosing executive salaries, a list of grants and full sets of financials (including their management joint venture – WATS Ltd).

Business performance and market research should be publicly disclosed and any business conducted between The Trusts and elected members / key personnel should be subject to public scrutiny. Elected members / key personnel should be subject to a code of conduct.


We believe the multiple roles held by elected members of the licensing trusts across Auckland Council, TTCF Ltd and district health boards are incompatible with effective governance. We would like to see complete separation between The Trusts and Auckland Council’s governing body as well as the gaming society (TTCF Ltd).

We will bring a fresh and different perspective to The Trusts. We will be visible, approachable, transparent and authentic. We will act as a genuine link between the community and The Trusts.

Giving back

We believe profits should be invested in our communities today, not in the distant future. We would set a policy that at least 80% of profits should be returned to the community. We do not support the current goal of The Trusts to accumulate a $200 million investment portfolio by 2030.

We would also redesign the giving back programme to focus on delivering great things to West Auckland communities. Replace the giveaways, publicity stunts and sponsorships with simple financial grants that support the many clubs and community organisations across West Auckland without the strings attached.

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