6 Reasons For Removing The Monopoly

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Removing the Trusts’ monopoly is not just about alcohol – it is about the kind of West Auckland we want in five, ten years, and beyond.  Auckland is going through enormous changes at the moment and is projected to be home to 55% of New Zealand’s population growth over the next ten years.  A significant portion of these people will make West Auckland home.  The Unitary Plan has already seen apartments and townhouse developments pop up across West Auckland. Massive infrastructure projects like the City Rail Link and Light Rail will bring new development for many suburbs as areas around stations can and should become bustling and vibrant locations.

Removing the Trusts’ monopoly rights means that hospitality can thrive and that The Trusts can focus their attention on giving back – instead of propping up a whole bunch of bars no one wants to go to.  The Trusts can streamline their business and make it more accountable to the growing and changing needs of West Aucklanders.  West Aucklanders shouldn’t have to travel to the other side of Auckland just to sit at a bar not owned by The Trusts and the time has come for the monopoly to go.

1. Voting to remove The Trusts’ monopoly rights doesn’t remove The Trusts

They can remain as a robust and streamlined organisation solely focused on giving back and using its enormous asset pool to help out West Auckland.  The Trusts are ploughing hundreds of thousands of dollars into bars and stores that aren’t performing economically and are propped up by pokie machines – it’s time they stopped and focused their attention on what they should be doing, which is giving back to the community.

2. Our hospitality venues might start catching up with the rest of Auckland.

With all the changes coming to West Auckland – do we really want The Trusts in charge of our bars?  They haven’t caught up with changing trends and their structure means they’re not going to.

3. Our large town centres might actually have a vibrant night life

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some decent bars to go to after a movie or after eating at one of the many great restaurants now popping up in West Auckland? Unfortunately, The Trusts’ offerings are pretty dire.

4. Choice to go to a pub or bar that isn’t run by The Trusts

Why should West Aucklanders have to spend their money at Trust run venues? West Aucklanders want to be able to choose where they spend their disposable income in exactly the same way every other Aucklander does.

5. Better accountability.  

Although the Trusts say they are accountable to the public – they are now primarily directed by an unelected corporate arm which has focused the Trusts’ direction on property investment and running their terrible bars and restaurants.

6. Better range of products and services

Speciality wine / spirit stores could open.  West Auckland has a long history as being an excellent wine producing area – let’s harness that and have some fantastic specialty stores.